AskMe – The Bapp of all apps


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Gone are the days when you had to install different apps for taking care of different needs like finding the location of nearest grocery store or the best deal on mobile phones or searching the contact number of the local apple store. Askme takes care of all your daily needs and gives you the smart tips that your smartphone was built for. The smartness with which it finds appropriate results for you is magical. If you have ever downloaded an app which helps you find local businesses, you must have noticed that search results are not very relevant, especially when it comes to businesses which are less common. But Ask me gives you the results which you were looking for. To make this possible, the results have been divided into three sections:

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ASKME: This section only displays the list of businesses which are searched from within the database of askme. Millions of businesses across various cities have been added to this database which makes sure that you are provided the best results.
FREEADS: This section only displays the advertisements that have been added for free by various businesses or people like you. Keeping them in a separate section makes sure that your primary search results are not hampered.
DEALS: In the age of discount coupons, finding a deal can be more important than simply finding the nearest business or store. For instance, if you want to buy a mobile phone, finding the nearest mobile store will be less important than finding the best deal available in the market.
In spite of the above results, if you are still unable to find what you need, all you need to do is tap on the last option available on your search result screen and AskMe experts will help you further. This facility might be quite handy especially when you are not able to think of the relevant search terms which are most important for finding the best results. This scenario is quite common in India due to the variation in ways different languages are used.

Once you have the list of businesses, you need to identify which one of them suits your needs. Even the list of relevant results can be pretty long which makes the task of narrowing it down quite tiresome. Hit and trial, may not always work in case of common businesses. But don’t worry, Askme is not going to leave you there. It also provides its users, the ability to add reviews and these reviews help you determine which business is most suitable for you.

The next step after finding the required business is to call them up. Askme makes it fairly easy to make that call by providing you a call option right next to the listed item. Also, you can share your findings with you friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, Google hangout or Bluetooth. The fact that this particular app has replaced 3 apps on my smartphone, indeed makes it the Bapp of all apps. And yes, this application can be installed for free. I think now I am getting it, why Ranbir Kapoor is so confident about it.

Motorola Defy Plus Unboxing- My first smart phone


I created this video while unboxing my first smart phone i.e. Motorola Defy Plus:

I had done a lot of research before buying this product from flipkart and finally decided to go for it because of its ruggedness.  Though it lacks a front camera, it is not much of an issue for me as I am not interested in video chats.

As for the specifications, I am quite satisfied because it announces something called ‘value for money’. 2GB of internal memory ensures that I can try enough applications from the android market (Called Google Play); without looking for other storage measures. Within the first week only I had installed about 50 new applications on this phone and experimenting with them was all I could think of even during my dreams.(Kinda exaggerated)

Five mega pixel camera is enough to take clear shots in day light; but even with an LED flash, the shots taken in dark are not that impressive. You can have a look at some of the pictures taken by me at

It being water and scratch resistant has been quite helpful as I don’t treat it with much respect. In fact I have dropped it so many times that I sometimes wonder, how come it’s still working fine. The reason behind is its light weight and adequate size; which makes it a perfect tool to be circumvolved within my hand, with the help of my fingers and palm. (will probably post a tutorial video about the same later)

If you didn’t believe me when I  specified I bought it coz of it’s ruggedness, than these videos might help:

I haven’t tried 3G yet but the internet speed has been quite satisfactory with minor upload delays. Tried out WiFi once and updated all my applications within an hour. This was also the time when I watched 3 movies back to back while streaming them online on this device. The earphones are of good quality and will work fine until you decide to do something like what I did; crushing them under your feet(accidentally of course) or trying to pull them out when you are wearing a helmet. (By the way, I fixed them with feviquick and they are now working just as fine)