What I liked about the movie Rockstar?


This happened to me recently when I watched the new release by Imtiaz Ali, “Rockstar”.

Ranbir and Nargis

Ranbir and Nargis


I have listened to the songs since the audio release and had already become a fan.
So, I was ready to spend my bucks blindly just to know what goes between those songs. The most effective song is “Kun faya Kun” which depicts how God is there for us, even when the world turns away.
Another song called “Sadda Haq” is an adrenaline-pumping master-piece. Just watch the videos below to understand what I am talking about.

The movie completely lived up to my expectations as I laughed on Janardhan Jakhar, smiled on the naughty talks between the duo and felt my heart sinking as JJ aka Jordan walks through his simple life to a successful yet painful one.

The stars Ranbir(Jordan) and Nargis(Heer) made a perfect combo and portrayed ground-breaking chemistry between the characters.

Heer’s bucket list to be kicked off before her marriage includes the weirdest tasks to do and just if you have enough luck with you, trying this out is surely a great option.

Even though some people find problems with the plot and didn’t like the end, I for one have no complaints at all.
It includes all the things that I like in a typical Bollywood movie, viz. effective comedy, romance that can make you feel butterflies in your stomach, beautiful song lyrics with even more beautiful cinematography, a heart-break and the vulnerability of pain.

If you think that it missed ‘action’, then go and watch movies like scarface or death race. Don’t try to get all things in a single go or you may end up watching a movie like Ra-one which seems to be a flux of all super-hero movies.

So if you think you have a similar taste as that of mine, then go ahead and watch it.


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Another emotive movie: Koizora


Movie poster
Another Asian movie that can be regarded as tear-jerking. If you like emotional movies and have enough patience to let yourself dissolve into the story, then Koizora is your type. It is not a comedy or action film, but simply an affectional romantic flick.

Note: Following content may contain Spoilers
The movie is about a shy girl  who falls in love with a guy who started calling her on phone as a stranger. Even though she acted reluctant at first, the guy was able to win her heart easily. There are some turns and twists after this. The boy stays by her side and decides to marry her after knowing that she was carrying their child. Though, the baby is no more as she falls down after getting pushed by the guy’s ex-girlfriend. The girl and her lover decides to visit this place every year in memory of their lost child (where they lay the flowers presented by the guy on their first meet).
The guy breaks up with the girl and keeps avoiding her until she gets to know about his disease. A friend of the guy who came at the decided place on behalf of him, reveals the truth.
The guy dies eventually while calling the girl’s name as he sees her through the video call made via phone. He cherished his last moments with his love and wrote in his diary that he will always take care of her by becoming the sky.
The girl decides to live a happy life, while loving… the sky.

Just watched a poignant movie: “Lajja” | Women ARE suffering


Lajja Movie poster

It is actually difficult to feel proud to be an Indian, after realizing that such injustice is still going on here. Women have been ill-treated in our country since ages and even when we have a lady president today, the situation of women is still deplorable. Of course this is not just about one country but this movie is based on ills related to India.

Well, some movies can really make you feel different. This one called “Lajja” by “Raj Kumar Santoshi” is a poignant movie which can affect your soul if you try to understand it the right way. I watched it on television from the scene where Madhuri Dixit was playing the role of ‘Sita‘ in a ‘Ramayan’ play. The dialogues that were delivered by her when ‘Ram’ challenged her chastity were efficacious.

For those who have some idea of Ramayan, as per the script ‘Sita’ was supposed to walk on fire (Agnee Pareeksha) to prove that she was pure. In this movie however, she oppugns him by asking, ‘Why should she be the one to be doubted?”. She even claims that Ram had not done anything great by defeating ‘Rawan’ because she already defeated him (Rawan) in his own land called “Ashok Vatika“. And if she would have turned herself in, there wouldn’t be any respect or honor left for Ram to claim now. When Ram’s brother Lakshman tries to interfere, she remonstrates by saying that this was all his fault. If he wouldn’t have messed with ‘Surpanakha‘ (Rawan’s sister), none of this would have ever happened. She tries to explain that she had only lived by reciting her husband’s name and endured all the sufferings to be with him again. But she was disappointed to learn that the person she left everything for, didn’t trust her. By seeing that Ram did not understand her, she even asks him to walk along on the fire, because he too has been alone by himself for this period, and the doubt of virtue applied on him as well.  By this time, the audience got violent and the play had to be ceased.

The next day, there were mobs outside the theatre screaming that this girl (who played the role of ‘Sita’) was a slut and belonged to an asylum. When she was walking towards the ambulance, she gets assaulted and loses her to-be-born baby.

There are many more tragic events that are portrayed in this movie; All summing up the fact that women have been treated like refuse, and their rights have been crushed in the name of the so-called culture, religion and honor.

I say damn the culture that says that a woman can’t get remarried once she is widowed. I decline the religion which says that a woman who gets pregnant before marriage is a slut. I discard the honor that allows hypocrites to kill women who want to marry by their will.

It’s true that even today there are villages in India where female foeticide is performed openly. It’s true that a boy is sent to the school while a girl is married off even before she enters teenage.
Let alone the villages, even well-educated families are following dowry system as if it was a custom to brag about.

What kind of future can we expect if this goes on like this?

Ask yourself, search your soul and do something about it!

We can’t just be institutionalized into this bunkum. And if you want a clearer picture of what I am talking about, zoom into this:

To check-in to this movie visit:

Read about female foeticide in India at:

Manage all your social networks via single interface- Tweetdeck


Intel Appup Center offers a great deal of applications varying from education to games. When I browsed for my favourite App my eyes got fixed at Tweetdeck.

It is a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, Foursquare and LinkedIn client, which has been popular since 2009.

Although there are many applications that may offer similar integrations with these networks, there are certain features that make Tweetdeck stand alone.

The most important thing to be considered is that Tweetdeck has recently been acquired by twitter (May 25 2011) which makes it more authentic and proves to be good enough.

Some of the main facilities available are:

Multiple columns: One can organize the information into real-time columns which may include updates from friends, Facebook notifications, tweets from certain groups, etc. This provides the very recent updates organized as per the user’s interest.

Multiple twitter accounts: Some users like to keep up more than one twitter accounts. Like if you want to post tweets related to a certain topic from a different profile. Tweetdeck allows you to do so, and you can swap between the profiles with a single click.

Reply, retweet, direct message and favorite from a tweet: There are small buttons for these, which appear on the concerned image as one hovers on it. This makes it pretty fast and easy.

View user profiles: There is no need to open a separate web page as one can view the profiles in tweetdeck itself which will give all the required options like Follow, See recent updates and who a person is following and being followed by, etc

Follow or unfollow and block or unblock a user: This can be done very easily and saves time.

Add All Friends, Mentions and DM columns: These are some of the columns that may help you to deal with different activities of twitter simultaneously. This allows you to keep track in real-time.

Add Search columns: This is another important feature that allows you to add a separate column featuring the results of your search. (Very useful for dealing with hashtags)

Add Trending Topic columns: These columns connect you with the world in a single go.

Add Twitter list columns: You can organize various lists and keep track of them so.

Cross post updates to any combination of your accounts: This is my favourite feature as it allows you to decide which of the accounts you want to use for posting your updates.

Geotag your tweets: Just set your location once and your tweets can be geotagged automatically.

Shorten URLs: This makes sharing links fairly easy. It also allows you to choose the shortening service on your own.

Access your Twitter contact list: You can browse among the contacts and can search for a friend.

Upload photos (from the on-board Photo Library): Sharing photos is of course one of the most required feature which is being covered.

Rearrange columns however you like and delete those you no longer need: Thus, you can always change your mind and try experimenting.

View geocoded tweets on a full-screen map: This feature allows you to see where the tweets are coming from.

And this is not the end of it, the development status of this application is active and there are likely to be even more magical updates to it. Some of them can be listed as:

Quick Send tweet: Suppose you notice a tweet which seems interesting but you don’t have enough time to explore. This feature will allow you to directly email it for later consideration.

Gmail Notifications: These when integrated with tweetdeck will allow you to keep track of your emails as well.

Unicode Art: This will allow you to use smiley faces, arrows, etc.

Tweet as you go: This can truly be a fresh design that will allow the users to use the camera in their portable device to see where they are going while using tweetdeck. Hence you don’t have to worry about crashing into a pole while you were busy typing your tweet while walking.

Thus, I can say that tweetdeck is the best application I have ever used for dealing with my twitter account. And if you are into facebook, you will notice that reading updates and responding to them is a lot easier and faster.

The environment that allows Tweetdeck to take care of all the above mentioned characteristics is called Adobe Integrated Runtime. This cross-platform runtime environment is abbreviated as Adobe AIR which might be already installed on your computer as it comes along various installations of Adobe like Adobe Reader 9, Photoshop and Lightroom with no option for exclusion.

Support: Tweetdeck is supported by operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple iOS and Android as well. Thus you can use it anywhere anytime. Several different versions have been launched which allow you to decide how you want to use it. There is a downloadable desktop version that allows you to use it just like any other application installed. Other versions include iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome and Web(limited beta). Each of these has been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs and platform being used.

As most of us are on facebook, even if you are not a fan of twitter or other networks specified, you can try this application for the sake of most popular social network (facebook as for now) at least. I would suggest that one should sign-up for twitter and try using this application after connecting the account, and I am pretty sure that even the least active person on twitter will start enjoying it.

This blog is an entry to the “My Favorite PC App” contest. Check out numerous apps for PC/Netbooks available at the Intel AppUp Center. If you are looking for an opportunity to build and monetize your applications, check out the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program.

http://tweetdeck.posterous.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TweetDeck https://www.facebook.com/GoTweetDeck http://thenextweb.com/apps/2010/04/02/tweetdeck-coming-ipad-awesome/
Image: Screenshot taken from https://www.tweetdeck.com/api/webbeta/

Finally read 2 states


I have been trying to read this fourth novel of the renowned writer ‘Chetan Bhagat’ and finally got the chance when I borrowed it from a friend.


I enjoyed reading this novel as there were many things that I could relate to. Moreover, almost all the punch lines worked for me. Chetan managed to bring out laughter even out of most awkward situations and the continuity of jokes polished the story. The college environment could be pictured well which has been done in his previous novels as well. Sarcasm and wittiness are also given a proper account. Nature and culture of Punjabis and South Indians have been depicted substantially.

P.S.: The moral is also commendable: “Differences need to be dealt with”

Aarakshan: Education is not a business


Aarakshan is one of the movies that I consider intellective. Even though I was told by most of my colleagues that the movie is bogus, they could not change my decision to watch it.

I think that in spite of a few flaws, the theme and concept of the movie made it commendable. The topic which has never been portrayed in this fashion before was brilliantly presented. The best thing about the movie was that it was not biased and the arguments of both sides were demonstrated equally.

I for one had always thought that the high percentage of reserved seats for minority is not fair, but after considering the facts that I came across in this movie I had to doubt my opinion. Especially the speech given by the character ‘Deepak’ was quite prestigious considering the history of our nation. Although it is agreeable that the conditions are not same anymore and reservation has indeed made many meritorious students suffer, but this is probably because of the wrong use of the law. Probably the main thing to be considered for someone to deserve a reservation should be his economic conditions and not merely his caste.

I completely agree with the character played by Mr. Amitabh which was very strong and impregnable. From his voice to the slightest of his expressions, everything was just top-drawer. Well this post is not just about him as we don’t need to specify reasons for the success of the “King of Bollywood”.

Besides, most of the actors played their roles the right way. For instance, the emotional scenes were well handled by Deepika Padukone. When her character apologises to her father, it depicted the intuitiveness of father-child relationship. Also the chemistry with her boyfriend was pictured substantially.

There are a lot of things in the movie that can make you introspect and cerebrate. One just needs to keep his mind open enough to allow the light to enter from all sides. This is a perfect example of how patience, faith and determination are necessary to live a respectful life. I cannot promise that these things will eventually lead to a happy ending like that showed in the movie, but will sure give mental peace and satisfaction. Because money is not just everything and no matter how many difficulties we are facing, we have some duty towards our mother-land.

The brain drain has caused huge loss to our country as most of the prominent Indians are working for foreign companies. And the blame is then put on the conditions here like “reservations” and “corruption”. But we should ask ourselves this question, “When a part of our body is in pain, do we cut it away or take medicine?” Instead of continuously complaining about it, we should do something about it. I know this is a very old line which we hear every day. But there is a difference between hearing and listening and the day one listens to it, he or she will know which road is supposed to be taken.

Some people complained that the movie did not live up to its title as the thing about reservations was not showcased much after the interval. But a title does not decide whether a movie is good or not. The other concept considered here is as important as the first one. These days, education has become a business and we all are a part of this industry, wearing out ourselves without realising the downsides of it.

These people who like movies like “Ready” more, should explain that how such a movie is even slightly related to its title. I am not saying here that ‘Ready’ was a bad movie. There are different genres and it sure was a good comedy; but I just couldn’t argue with these people and explain to them why this movie should not be called Bogus. Maybe I don’t need to and should just try and live the right way.

P.S.: Education should never be made a Business

Novel Review: A Partisan’s Daughter


How man is lured by woman?

How woman is exploited?

I learnt a lot from this novel. The cruelty is portrayed candidly and there are some moments that made me feel overwhelmed. You will like this novel if you can relate it to real life. It is a nice read if you are grown up enough to look beyond the sarcastic and witty language used.

Some of the lines that I particularly liked were:

*Mankind would never give up its suffering, because it liked suffering more than anything else.

*There aren’t enough rhymes for “love” and “beauty”

*Everyone’s escaping from themselves. Everybody’s on the run, and then one day you have stopped running, and that’s when you are dead.

*Even atheists pray when they are desperate.

*People often underestimate their degree of drunkenness and overestimate their ability to drive.

Review: Corridor | Sarnath Banerjee


This is a nice and entertaining graphic novel. 

Here are some of the lines that I particularly liked:

That’s the thing with smell, YOU DON’T NOTICE IF IT’S YOUR OWN 😀

Universal death rate, one death per person!

Repentance can not bring back the corn, the birds have eaten away

Life mostly is a stream of missed opportunities, anything else is cinema!

It all comes down to chewing your food well!

People are like onions; they have layers and layers. BUT WHO WILL KNOW? WHO HAS TIME?

Review: The Gathering | Anne Enright



This novel can make you think about relations and the concerned can of worms. Even though it could not keep me spell-bound I liked the language and some peculiar phrases. The incidents were explained gratingly and indeed there were moments when I could picture the abrasiveness. The scenes keep jumping from one time frame to another but it had no effect on the understanding and impact of the story.

This is a very intelligent novel that can make you introspect a lot. Catastrophically I would not suggest this novel to people who read merely for entertainment.

The People of the Abyss



This novel is all about the conditions of people living in East End of London in 1902. ‘Jack London‘ describes all the issues related to the abyss in which these miserly people were inhabiting. From food to shelter, the people were deprived of everything. Even after trying their best and working as hard as they could, they were pitiful. While writing this book, he actually stayed in workhouses and slept on streets because he wanted to wear the shoes of a poor Londoner. His lamentable experiences and thoroughgoing explanations can make you easily picture the kind of ills people were suffering from.

the people of the abyss (street)

London's notorious Whitechapel district, photographed in 1902 for 'The People of the Abyss'

Most affecting text from the novel:

A woman of the lower Ghetto classes is as much the slave of her husband as is the Indian squaw. And I, for one, were I a woman and had but the two choices, should prefer being a squaw. The men are economically dependent on their masters, and the women are economically dependent on the men. The result is, the woman gets the beating the man should give his master, and she can do nothing. There are the kiddies, and he is the breadwinner, and she dare not send him to jail and leave herself and children to starve.

What I think:

This novel is not the one to entertain you, it would rather make you serious and force you to think about the wretchedness people have to suffer from. You will start considering yourself very lucky for being born in good terms. There are some scenes which when thought of can even make you furious or yell at the forces that couldn’t notice the pathetic circumstances of these people.

My Rating: 7/10

P.S.: Until the evils that cause people to drink(alcohol) are abolished, drink and its evils will remain!