A Roller Coaster Ride – When An IITian Met A Bitsian Girl


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Being an engineering student, reading about one is always interesting. The description of events which are common in every college makes one believe he is part of the story. This book is tale about an IITian protagonist who preferred girls over hanging out with friends or seniors. It tells about campus life; the pressure of not having a girlfriend and placements which is followed by blossoming of love and the first job. The confusion, fun, tricks, manipulation and betrayal might gain your interest.

P.S. :  Its a roller coaster

My rating: 5/10

Publisher: shristi Publication
Author: Saumil Shrivastava


Summer Sisters


Another work of fiction!

My rating: 6/10

Most interesting character: Caitlin Somers

Never heard the name ‘Judy Blume’ before, but while browsing some novels at the Opulent Mall, I came across this novel with a tag saying it was a New York Times Bestseller. The novel had the title, “Summer Sisters”. People often judge a novel by its title alone, but I preferred to read a little and get a taste of it. Eventually I ended up buying it. It was my idea for time pass while I travelled back and forth between Patiala and Delhi at weekends. At first I thought it was just another crude novel trying to entertain readers with descriptions of some alluring scenes but later I realized it was far more compulsive than I thought. It was warm, intriguing, nostalgic, moving and entertaining as hell. I was laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time. The story revolves around two characters called Caitlin and Victoria who are ‘summer sisters’ having a bond which is far peachier than what one could expect between real sisters. The conditions of their families and what they had to go through are realistic and striking.

P.S. : I reckon this is an adult book for young adults!

Nothing lasts forever – sidney sheldon

Just nailed “Nothing lasts forever” by ‘Sidney Sheldon’.
Splendid suspenseful story about 3 lady doctors in California.
The sense of humor was cynical. The twists and turns managed to outguess the unpredictable climax! The references to deaths were moderately detailed.

Favorite scene: The trial
Favorite character: Dr. Paige Taylor
Favorite word: Goomer 

P.S. : this medical thriller was assuredly a page turner!

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown


Just read ‘Digital Fortress‘ by “Dan Brown

My rating=7/10

Most interesting character=’David Becker’

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” had a hefty successor, this novel gained my interest from the very first page. Its about NSA and cryptography. David Becker became my favorite character due to his tricks and instincts. Susan was the lovely cryptographer whose description often made the scenes more interesting. Strathmore seemed to be a lot more savvy than his director. The characters involved in the second half of the novel didn’t hold much importance. However, if you like computers and codes, this novel is good for you to read.

p.s.=who will guard the guards!