Review: 200 Pounds Beauty


The Korean movies can definitely make you feel nostalgic! Yet another emotional cum comedy movie is “200 Pounds Beauty“. It is about a fat girl who used to sing at the back while a good-looking girl just had to pretend like she was singing on stage.This way, people loved her voice but adored the girl in front.

She goes through a whole body plastic surgery when she is no longer able to resist the criticism; gets beautiful but is not satisfied with herself as she has to lie and wear a mask all the time. She ends up telling the world about it, at her concert and brings the people face to face with the harsh reality of unfavorable judgments made by everyone.

This movie does tell us the importance of innocence over beauty; truth over lie; love over selfishness and relations over money!

P.S.: Another excellent motion picture which makes your heart pound!

A moment to remember_Nae meorisokui jiwoogae


I have been watching lot of Korean movies lately. Of all the movies I watched, this one struck me the most. It is a heartwarming and tear tugging movie.

I decided to watch this movie when I saw the ratings (8.2/10) at IMDB and no doubt the ratings were given justly.

It is the story of a girl who is betrayed by a man who is already married but plans to runaway with her. Soon she meets the real love of her life, a carpenter working under her father. The theme is based on Alzheimer’s disease which makes the girl forget things.

The intimacy between the couple really touched my heart. There are many great scenes and dialogues like..

(Note: the following may contain spoilers)
i have an eraser inside my head.
*baseball scene where the girl is
confessing about her disease.

*letter of Su-jin to Chul-soo after she thought Chul-soo was her former BF.
*the ending scene where she remembered her family and when the guy
finally told her “i love you!

and the best one:
Forgiving is giving your hate just a little room in your heart.

I got so moved that I also created a lens at named, Love and Hate!

Altogether it was an awesome romantic movie which lived up to my expectations and the status of South-Korean movies.

What is real? (Inception, Vanilla sky)


Note: This may contain spoilers!

I have watched 2 movies today, one being “Vanilla Sky” and the other “Inception“. Both of them were based on the concept of dreams. The person living the dream confuses it with reality. At the end, it comes out that all that has been happening was just a dream. Both of them made me think hard and I have to admit that both were having a very effective theme.

Vanilla Sky revolves around a man who goes through an accident (which disfigures his face) and opts for an option called Lucid Dream, because of which his body is preserved at very low temperature while he continues to dream and live what he wanted. Eventually it came out to be a nightmare as he confuses the two women in his life, the one he shared bed with who was responsible for the accident and the one he truly loved. He was finally given an option to choose between a dream better than this one or go back to reality. After having a last moment with his love he decides to choose reality.

Inception is about a man who along with his friends specializes in entering people’s dream and get useful information from their minds. He ends up helping  a person to plant an idea in someone’s mind, in return for a favor that will allow him to go back home and meet his children. While it was the first inception for rest of the team, he had done it before to his wife who ended up dying because of that idea only. His guilt made him go back to her every time he was in a dream. The team has to go deeper and deeper in order to fulfill their task, that is they were suppose to enter a dream inside another dream up to 4 levels. The movie ends with success of the team and he returning to his home but what develops curiosity is that he is still inside a dream.

P.S. : These movies made me feel dizzy!

Pay it forward!


There are a few movies, which can make you change the way you think about this world. One among those is “Pay it forward”. This movie starts off with a very basic idea, “what does this world expect from you?” That is actually a question asked by a social science teacher to his 6th grade students, and an 11 year old kid answers innocently, “nothing”! Well, that’s what this movie is about.
Before cursing this world you are living in, you just need to think once, “What have you done for it?”

The kid comes up with a revolutionary idea called, ‘Pay it forward’ according to which he helps three persons in doing something they are not able to do. In this materialistic world, nobody expects anything even from their relatives. However, this movie tells you about the good deeds people have been doing for complete strangers.

We are often told by many people that we shouldn’t stick our nose in other people’s matter and mind our own business. Nevertheless, that should not be always true, even though there are so many bad things going on, we still have people who will pick up a kid, who fell off his bicycle and take him home.

In life, there are times when someone does something good for you without any reason. It can be a favor as small as giving you a lift. And you never get a chance to pay back. Well here is the chance for you then, just join the movement called, “Pay it forward”.

You might have come across the famous “member making schemes (MMS)” being adopted by a lot of companies these days. People will do anything to convince you to make you join the scheme for their profit. However, I am not talking about profit here. This movement gives you NO GUARANTEE of getting paid back. The only reason you do it is that you think you can make this world better as it is said, “World is not completely, shit!”.

Here is what you need to do:

Just help 3 people, get them help 3 people, start a movement!

In a way you will be paying back to the people who might have helped you in some stage of your life. And even if you think that you were never helped by anyone, which is quite impossible, you should do it as you will be ‘paying it forward’ in the genuine sense then.

If you have any doubt, just watch the movie and if you need to start, visit:

P.S. = Please try to do something real big, which can make the person change his/her life by getting rid of his biggest problem. This will require a lot of courage and confidence. It might be hard, but it is POSSIBLE!



Just watched the movie “hangman”(India), too much of emotional stuff! I am sure most of us won’t be able to stand it because even I wanted to throw out the CD, at the beginning! The feelings of parents are very well depicted!
And the thing that makes this movie unique is that the ending wasn’t altered even though such things are very indifferent in Indian movies.
The theme is good and message is passed quite well to the audience.

hangman movie

My advice to all my friends:
“just try not to get in to stuff! If you can watch this movie, you will realize how wrong you can be!”

Rotten Tomatoes: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Review by kushalashok


Jake Gyllenhaal just stole the show this time. The movie is worth watching in a theater. Almost everything about the movie was good, casting, acting, story line, comedy, background etc.

The ostrich thing added a good humor to it. The direction is very good and one gets stitched to his seat while watching this movie.

“Its a good family movie”

If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing a great deal.

You are still reading this?
Go watch it!!

Rotten Tomatoes: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Review by kushalashok.

Rotten Tomatoes: Scarface Movie Review by kushalashok


When I watched Scarface, I got greatly influenced by it. The Great Al Pacino, who is admired by the Bollywood king Amitabh Bachan himself became my role model. His style and acting just carried me away.

Talking about the character he played in this movie, I learned a lot from it. And all I would write here is:
“All that I came into this world with are my balls and my words”

Yes, we should live up to our words and always speak the truth. And success will be on our side.
I would suggest you to watch this movie as soon as you can.

Rotten Tomatoes: Scarface Movie Review by kushalashok

Rotten Tomatoes: The Happening Movie Review by kushalashok


I watched this movie yesterday.
Although the producer and director is an oscar nominee, but i have to say that this one wasnt as satisfactory as his previous films. The picturisation was excellent but i was unable to understand certain things about the film.
Like i am still unable to undersatand that what was it causing all those deaths.

And how could be a man tempted to kill himself by any possible measure.

Overall I cant give this movie a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

They also tried to confuse with the heroin’s character, by showing her psycho behaviour and hatred towards her in Hero’s friend’s mind.

If anyone among you can describe these things to me.. I would liketo change my rating!!

Rotten Tomatoes: The Happening Movie Review by kushalashok.

Rotten Tomatoes: Iron Man 2 Movie Review by kushalashok


Was expecting a lot from this movie, as I loved the entertaining first movie that came before it(Iron man).
Robert Downey was as good as ever, I couldn’t take my eyes off Scarlett Johansson. She is bold and beautiful. I would suggest you all to watch “Iron Man” before laying your hands on this sequel.

These movies will always be loved by engineers. And that’s one of the reasons I love them.

Rotten Tomatoes: Iron Man 2 Movie Review by kushalashok.

Rotten Tomatoes: Requiem for a Dream Movie Review by kushalashok


This movie was recommended to me by my friend. The story line was good and the music was lovely. The direction was superb at some moments.

I was bit annoyed with the excessive repetition even though they might be necessary for the movie to build up a good background.

The mother’s role emotionally touching, it tells us what we do to our parents when they get old and how they must feel when they are left alone.

Drug addiction is shown in a very good manner, one can learn a lot from this movie.

Stay away from Drugs…!

Rotten Tomatoes: Requiem for a Dream Movie Review by kushalashok.