What I liked about the movie Rockstar?


This happened to me recently when I watched the new release by Imtiaz Ali, “Rockstar”.

Ranbir and Nargis

Ranbir and Nargis


I have listened to the songs since the audio release and had already become a fan.
So, I was ready to spend my bucks blindly just to know what goes between those songs. The most effective song is “Kun faya Kun” which depicts how God is there for us, even when the world turns away.
Another song called “Sadda Haq” is an adrenaline-pumping master-piece. Just watch the videos below to understand what I am talking about.

The movie completely lived up to my expectations as I laughed on Janardhan Jakhar, smiled on the naughty talks between the duo and felt my heart sinking as JJ aka Jordan walks through his simple life to a successful yet painful one.

The stars Ranbir(Jordan) and Nargis(Heer) made a perfect combo and portrayed ground-breaking chemistry between the characters.

Heer’s bucket list to be kicked off before her marriage includes the weirdest tasks to do and just if you have enough luck with you, trying this out is surely a great option.

Even though some people find problems with the plot and didn’t like the end, I for one have no complaints at all.
It includes all the things that I like in a typical Bollywood movie, viz. effective comedy, romance that can make you feel butterflies in your stomach, beautiful song lyrics with even more beautiful cinematography, a heart-break and the vulnerability of pain.

If you think that it missed ‘action’, then go and watch movies like scarface or death race. Don’t try to get all things in a single go or you may end up watching a movie like Ra-one which seems to be a flux of all super-hero movies.

So if you think you have a similar taste as that of mine, then go ahead and watch it.


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