Murder of Junko Furuta


A 1988-89 incident in which a Japanese girl,Junko Furuta (古田順子 Furuta Junko), 16 at that time, was not just murdered but was tortured to an extent that is un-imaginable.

I came across this photograph today:

and when I googled the story, I read the complete account on wikipedia which told, how those four hard-hearted brutes gang-raped her not just with their own bodies but with an assortment of foreign objects as well.

If you read the complete story at MostAmazingNews, you will surely think that such guys could not just be humans.

While I was going through the reference link of wikipedia article, I came across the japantimes page that told how the guy called Kamisaku who was one of the murderers only went through 8 years of prison. Even later in May 2004 he ended up wounding a male acquaintance. The girl’s parents were totally dismayed by the sentences received by the killers.

Though the names of these criminals were not to be revealed coz they were juveniles, a weekly magazine Shūkan Bunshun reported their real names, saying that “human rights aren’t needed for such animals.”

You can also watch the related videos on youtube!

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5 thoughts on “Murder of Junko Furuta

  1. justice4junkosan

    It goes to show that some humans are capable of inflicting terrible act to other people. Poor girl to endure 44 days of torture. I pray for her eternal repose. I also pray for her family’s peace of mind.

    I hope that someday those torturer’s will pay for what they’ve done to her and will suffer a horrible and painful death 100x more terrifying than junko furuta san.

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