Interpretation of Valentine’s Day!


We often start interpreting things by their names, but this is not always preferable. There are times when our interpretation goes wrong. Thus, to avoid getting into awkward situations, we should limit our rendering to ourselves.

The story:

We keep celebrating the Valentine’s day without even knowing the story behind it. Some may declare that it is celebrated because of the Saint Valentine‘s annunciation of sending love messages. And others would say that it is based on the story of Saint Valentine who went against the rules of a Roman Emperor Claudius II, by encouraging young soldiers to get married. But the truth is that no-one knows the correct story, as there were three different Saint Valentines.

Moreover, if we believe in the story of martyring Valentine, then the interpretation of the proposal: “Will you be my Valentine?” will also suggest differently.


But the whole thing is that this day signifies love and can be used as an opportunity to express your feelings.

However, why can’t we become “The New Valentine” by setting an example for this world and making every day as special as a Valentine’s day?

Why to celebrate Valentine’s day? why not celebrate YOUR day?

We all are as special as Saint Valentine, if we can make our love feel that special.

P.S.:┬áName doesn’t give you the best interpretation always. Just like Francs are not used in France anymore. (Replaced by Euros)