A moment to remember_Nae meorisokui jiwoogae


I have been watching lot of Korean movies lately. Of all the movies I watched, this one struck me the most. It is a heartwarming and tear tugging movie.

I decided to watch this movie when I saw the ratings (8.2/10) at IMDB and no doubt the ratings were given justly.

It is the story of a girl who is betrayed by a man who is already married but plans to runaway with her. Soon she meets the real love of her life, a carpenter working under her father. The theme is based on Alzheimer’s disease which makes the girl forget things.

The intimacy between the couple really touched my heart. There are many great scenes and dialogues like..

(Note: the following may contain spoilers)
i have an eraser inside my head.
*baseball scene where the girl is
confessing about her disease.

*letter of Su-jin to Chul-soo after she thought Chul-soo was her former BF.
*the ending scene where she remembered her family and when the guy
finally told her “i love you!

and the best one:
Forgiving is giving your hate just a little room in your heart.

I got so moved that I also created a lens at squidoo.com named, Love and Hate!

Altogether it was an awesome romantic movie which lived up to my expectations and the status of South-Korean movies.